The Armstrong Astro2 line of wet rotor circulators for residential and light commercial applications have been around for several years now, but how much do you really know about these pumps? The recently expanded line of pumps is available with a number of features designed to make them easy to sell, easier to install, and even more reliable than ever.

The improved features start with the heart of the pump, the motor. Almost every pump in the line is equipped with a three speed motor. For contractors, it means that they can adjust the performance of each pump to best suit the application once the pump is in operation. For distributors, it means fewer line items you need to stock. The best example is the flagship of the line; the Astro230CI alone will replace five different Taco pumps. Yet the electrical connections couldn’t be simpler; the strip-style terminal connections are easy to understand, and there’s just one connection required; speed selection is done by a switch mounted to the terminal box cover.

The full line of Astro2 pumps are designed to be as flexible as possible. Flange to flange dimensions are standard, so the pump can be replaced without disturbing the piping, and the most popular pumps in the line are available with both flange orientations (parallel to the shaft line is standard; perpendicular to the shaft line is available at additional cost). Every pump (except those with soldered pipe fittings) is equipped with an integrated check valve for convenience. If the check valve isn’t needed, it can be removed in seconds without special tools. Cast iron pumps for closed systems are ‘e-coated’ to reduce corrosion and improve reliability, while open system pumps are either certified lead-free bronze or cast stainless steel.

For the ultimate in efficiency and performance, Armstrong has introduced the Compass variable speed circulator. Along with all the other features of the Astro2 circulators, each pump has eight different performance settings to precisely match the requirements of the system. Programmed with the push of a button, the electronically commutated motor delivers energy savings of up to 70% over a conventional circulator.

Finally, every Astro2 pump, from the base Astro230CI to the top-of-the-line Compass, carries a FIVE-YEAR manufacturer’s warranty against defects in material and workmanship, the best warranty offered anywhere. Ask your Technical Associate for more information, or visit for specifications and other downloads. Precision Electric Motor Sales is offering a special low price on the Astro230CI (item number 110223-305), as well as our competitive pricing on the entire line of Astro2 circulators.