Armstrong Astro2 circulators

The Armstrong Astro2 line of wet rotor circulators for residential and light commercial applications have been around for several years now, but how much do you really know about these pumps? The recently expanded line of pumps is available with a number of features designed to make them easy to sell, easier to install, and [...]

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Precision Electric Motor Sales has added two new product lines to our expanding range of motor accessories. Advance Controls Inc. sells a full line of IEC standard electrical controls, electrical enclosures and other accessories. ACI's flagship product is the Inverter Bypass Safety Switch, or IBYSS, which is designed to allow motors, normally connected to a [...]

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NEW! Rescue Select programmable ECM motors

Electronically Commutated motors (ECMs, or sometimes known as brushless DC motors) have been in use in furnaces and air conditioners for over 20 years. Replacement motors, on the other hand, have been the exclusive domain of the equipment manufacturer, because an aftermarket motor didn't have the software to communicate with the control board. Until now. [...]

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NEW! US Motors stock number 1161

US Motors has introduced a new addition to their burgeoning lineup of OEM direct replacement motors. Catalog number 1161 is a direct drive, torsion flex mounted motor for use with fan coil units and room ventilators sold under the Climetec, SnyderGeneral, Temspec and Unilux brands. These motors are sold complete with capacitor mounted to the [...]

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Welcome to the expanded website!

Welcome to our latest innovation, the new product announcement page. Watch this space; in the weeks and months to come, we'll update it with information regarding new product offerings now available through Precision Electric Motor Sales. This will include new items from our primary motor lines, a wider selection of shaft seals, and other new [...]

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