Armstrong Pumps (or, as known by their new name, Armstrong Fluid Technology) offers new ball bearing versions of their inline circulator pumps, as well as new ball bearing versions of their replacement seal bearing assemblies. These units offer the same ease of installation as the original circulators and bearing assemblies in a maintenance free assembly that never needs oiling. Since many of the replacement motors (as well as most of the original equipment motors) use ball bearings as well, this means that you can offer your customers a completely maintenance free option, saving valuable downtime, at the same price as the original sleeve bearing units.

Even better, the basic construction of the seal bearing assembly hasn’t changed. Motor shops have long valued the simplicity of the Armstrong design, thanks to the removable cartridge assembly; four screws that hold the shaft and both bearings in place, allowing you to change the entire mechanical works in a matter of minutes. They’ll be happy to know that this hasn’t changed, but now the cartridge is available in either the traditional sleeve bearing construction or the new maintenance free ball bearing construction, at the same price. Existing bearing assemblies with sleeve bearings can use the ball bearing cartridge with no modifications necessary.

Also, Armstrong has expanded their line of Gold Series pumps to include the OEM replacements for Raypak water heaters. This line of circulators offers a complete new assembly, including impeller and motor, with a higher temperature Viton shaft seal. If you can change a bearing assembly, you can install this pump. Better yet, because your customer is reusing the existing volute, it allows them to replace the pump for about the same cost as a standard bronze fitted pump. (Sorry, but currently the Gold Series isn’t currently available in the ball bearing version.)

Note that, as before, this applies only to the #2 through #5 seal bearing assemblies. Ask your PEMS customer service associate for more information.