Electronically Commutated motors (ECMs, or sometimes known as brushless DC motors) have been in use in furnaces and air conditioners for over 20 years. Replacement motors, on the other hand, have been the exclusive domain of the equipment manufacturer, because an aftermarket motor didn’t have the software to communicate with the control board.

Until now. US Motors introduces the first line of motors designed to replace existing ECM units. The Rescue Select line of motors are built on the same platform as X13 and SelecTech ECM motors, but can be programmed at the distributor level (unlike OEM motors, which have to be programmed at the factory). What does this mean for you?

  • No need to wait for the OEM replacement to be delivered
  • Competitive pricing
  • Performance is the same as the original unit
  • Uses the same wiring connectors as the OEM unit for easy installation

The Rescue Select motors have significant technological advantages that make them better than most OEM units as well, and carry a two year warranty from date of installation. Ordering couldn’t be easier: contact PEMS Customer Service with the motor model and manufacturer’s part number, and the catalog number of the replacement you’re looking for. Replacements aren’t available for all motors, but if it is, our people will upload the software necessary to match the OEM, package and ship the new motor the same day from one of five locations throughout the country.

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