PEMS is a master distributor for quality brand electric motors. We are a privately owned and operated company supporting electric motor shops and HVAC supply houses across the country. For more than 35 years we have experienced steady growth as a result of our core strengths.

  • Customer Service
    Geared to help your daily operation succeed.
  • Outside Sales Force
    Over 120 years of combined industry experience to assist you in identifying the correct motor for your customer.
  • Technical Staff
    Armed with experience and knowledge to ensure you stay current and keep your competitive edge.
  • Cross Reference Database
    Considered one of the largest in the country, which will reinforce your status as a trusted source in your market.
  • Product Lines
    A broad range of products and brands you can sell with confidence.
  • Inventory
    Unprecedented levels that allow you to sell more.
  • Warehouse Locations
    Numerous locations and expanding, strategically placed around the country to provide faster delivery.
  • Same Day Shipping
    To get the product in your customer's hands as soon as possible.

Product Announcements

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Armstrong Astro2 circulators

The Armstrong Astro2 line of wet rotor circulators for residential and light commercial applications have been around for several years now, but how much do you really know about these pumps? The recently expanded line of pumps is available with a number of features designed to make them easy to sell, easier to install, and [...]



Precision Electric Motor Sales has added two new product lines to our expanding range of motor accessories. Advance Controls Inc. sells a full line of IEC standard electrical controls, electrical enclosures and other accessories. ACI’s flagship product is the Inverter Bypass Safety Switch, or IBYSS, which is designed to allow motors, normally connected to a [...]